Complexity Kills

Your codebase is complex. That complexity is a constant drag on feature development, onboarding and the management of technical debt. Regardless of your team's experience, that drag continues to grow.

The complexity of your codebase is also difficult to describe. Similarly, how would you tell someone the city you live in is complicated to navigate? You don't. You just give them a map.

Navigating code is no different than navigating a city.

You wouldn't drive around a new city without a map. Why do we ask this of software engineers? Give your team the crucial ability to efficiently navigate your project. Platonic3D acts as a visual guide to helping your team find their way through your codebase. Platonic3D reduces wasted time and effort by giving you visual and spatial insights into how your code is structured.

  • Visibility finally means visibility. Platonic3D helps get your team and your stakeholders on the same page with improved planning, collaboration and general awareness of your system.
  • Common Operational Picture. As a Veteran-owned business, we understand the importance of providing knowledge and insight to every individual and echelon of an organization. The first step in that goal is having a common visual reference everyone can view and interact with.
  • Fight burnout. Improve all aspects of communication, planning and development. Instead of spending half your time in meetings trying to get everyone to see the same picture, Platonic3D gives you the picture you need.

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